Monday, January 01, 2007

Hiking up Big Fin

And now I begin posting my photos on my tour of the Negev during days 3 & 4 of Chanukkah with my yeshivah. I was planning on posting a big wordy post about some Gush Katif survivors we met, but I just spent four hours at the mall on a shidduch, then negotiating a washing machine, then buying a sleeping bag, then coming home, biking up the hill to do my laundry at my friend Steven's house, and coming home, so I'm EXHAUSTED. Therefore, posts will be out of chronoligical order, and I'll write more details later.

This post starts on day 1 about mid-day.

Me on the bus. Everybody else has passed out, but I can never sleep in public, especially cramped on a bus, so I sit by the window and snap photographs. We are on the bus heading way, way south. Past Be'er Sheva, past Dimona, farther south than I've ever been.

A Bedouin Camel farm.

Big Fin, where we'll be hiking.

Another angle on Big Fin

Pulling over to disembark fro the bus.

Our tourguide. The tour was in fast-spoken, low-volume Hebrew, so I understood like 20%.

Our first obstacle: passing under the Dimona-Eilat railway through a storm drain.

In the drain.

The railroad and the storm drain tunnel in the background. Some of us made it up the hill faster than others.

The rocky slope
Me with some of the guys.

Coming soon... the view from the top.


Yaakova said...

Hi Evan,
Well aren't you the studly guy--
You made it to the top of the "fin" so far ahead of the others!
I hope your shidduch went well. Four hours, eh? Sounds promising!
Happy New Year!

Ephraim said...


Well, the shidduch was only like an hour and a half, the rest was looking for a washing machine. The first few are supposed to be short like that. Then, if you feel like you're getting somewhere, you can take more time. Not that I've ever gotten that far.

Yaakova said...

I'm enjoying your blog-tour around Israel! It's really cool to see so many pictures and descriptions. Way better than my guide book!

I posted about the St. Thomas synagogue today, as well as a week or so ago. If you have interest in Jews in the Diaspora (which, since you're in Israel, you might not... ) But if you do, you might find the photos interesting. And if I should have left out the last photo, I would appreciate your advice on that.