Saturday, September 08, 2007

Alive and Well

Wow, six days an no posts.

Well, I arrived safely up north here, after a long flight via Amsterdam. On the way back, I've got a 12 hour layover, so hopefully I'll be able to walk around a bit, if I'm not too jetlagged.

I've been in the Pacific northwest visiting the fam for the last few days, and will be here until Rosh Hashannah, when I fly to Walnut Creek for a week. I keep trying to download photos from my camera but the battery keeps dying, so I'll have to charge up and do it tomorrow.

Impressions of America so far: Broad streets, huge cars, clean, people are chipper and friendly in a sort of "Hi, how are you doing but I don't really care" sort of way, and shopping as far as the eye can see. This town has more stores than people. It's very cool, wet, and green. the leaves are starting to turn, and it feels like fall already. What a relief from the desert heat in Jerusalem. And it's nice not to be packing boxes.

Welp, hopefully I'll have more up soon. Shavua tov!


Anglo-Not said...

How does it feel to be among Anglos??

Ephraim said...

America feels like one of those sitcoms where they show stock footage from previous episodes. You know, you kinda remember but it's somehow new.