Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baker Trip Part 1

People like to complain about the rainy weather in the Pacific Northwest caused by the moist westerly Pacific air colliding with the Cascade Mountains. Of course, thanks to that constant moisture, the area remains green and lush while Jerusalem (and California) are dry and dead. Blackberry bushes grow like weeds here.

No blackberry shortages here.

Dad gets serious about his blackberry picking. These things are great on ice cream.

Green, green everywhere. Mount Baker in the distance.

It's almost fall, last chance for a drive to see all the green.

Mom n' me, in the car.

Stopped by the visitor's center for a last-minute pit stop. They've got this massive ancient Douglass fir on display. Of course, too bad they had to kill it to get this shot.

Next stop: Mount Baker and Mount Snoqualmie

On the way to Mount Baker are the Mount Baker Vineyards.

The fam wanted to take some of the wines for a test drive.

Of course, none of the stuff is kosher, so I diddled around the vineyard.

The vineyard with Mount Snoqualmie poking over the foothills.

Up next: Pictures from the summit. Well, really, the parking lot near the summit. Stay tuned!

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