Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mount Baker Trip, Part 2

And, after a long and arduous struggle up the only paved access road, we reached the famed parking lot of the Baker/Snoqualmie park.

Mount Snoqualmie, at 6,278 feet.

Sister in front of Mount Snoqualmie.

Together in front of Mount Snoqualmie

A closer-up shot of us.

Green frosted slopes cut through with steep cliffs of bare rock.

Reflecting on Mount Snoqualmie

The same photograph, but I cropped it slightly different. The foothill in the midground had a streak of bright orange, probably indicating the presence of Iron ores.

My dad, mountain man.

Mom & Sister, "Wait a minute, is that bigfoot? Oh, no, just Ephraim"

In the distance is Mount Baker towers 10,778 feet, and can be seen clearly from as far north as Vancouver, and as far south as Seattle.


Small snowmelt ponds form all over the hilltops. Baker in the background. The mountains experience a very late spring.

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