Monday, September 17, 2007

The Great Dalia Show, Part 1

Well, I'm landed, grounded, and acclimated here in Walnut Creek. Now I'm sitting in the old office, catching up with my old friends at work, getting updates on my various projects. While visiting the family up north, we had the opportunity to head for a Dalia show.

Mom and Dad at the Dalia Show.

The variety and differences in colors were amazing. They're sort of like dogs; you could look at two and think them members of completely different species, but actually they can be cross-bred and are intermixed, despite the incredible variation.

Assorted Mix

I enjoyed the show, and it gave me an opportunity to play with my macro, portrait, and other settings on my system.

Red and Yellow

Purple and Yellow
Big Red
Soft Purple
More tomorrow. Stay tuned...


Batya said...

What pretty flowers.

Ephraim said...

Yes, I thought they were quite amazing.

Yaakova said...

They also have a gorgeous dahlia garden near the arboretum at Golden Gate Park!
These are beautiful pictures.

Ephraim said...


Ah, I see you caught my misspelling. Dahlia, eh? I guess I'll be getting it right from now on!