Sunday, September 02, 2007

How Did I Get This much JUNK!

I came to Israel with two suitcases.

One year later, I have all this junk:

Of course, that's not to mention my work desk, fridge, washing machine, bed, mattress, dresser, bookshelves, TV stand, microwave... Does anybody know how this could have happened? I mean, how much does one person really need?

Okay, so the movers come at noon tomorrow to take all my stuff to the storage locker. Then I'm going to do some touch-up painting, after which I do a hose-down of the apartment and decomission my computer. At 1 AM the next morning, I head to the airport to catch my flight to America, via Amsterdam. Blogging will probably become much more sporadic and disjointed over the next several weeks. I move into my apartment on September 30th, after which I should be up and running shortly thereafter. I will do my best to keep in touch with the blogosphere, but hey, everyone needs a vacation now and then!



Baleboosteh said...

Good luck!

See you round the blogosphere again real soon :)

Chana said...

Enjoy Walnut Creek..... and my house! :)

Ephraim said...


Thanks. I'll be back for the new year.


I'll leave the bed made for ya!