Monday, January 07, 2008

Negev Tour 3: The Wilderness of Zin

Continued from previous posts:

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Our tour continued though the gorge, carved out over the eons by the occasional flash flood.
The first sprouts of the Negev's brief springtime.
A bunch of Yeshiva Bochurim (Yeshiva boys,) used to sitting down all day, have to haul themselves up a steep hill.

If you think hauling yourself up is hard, try taking up Avishai's all-terrain wheelchair.
The view from the top. Feels like I could step on those guys like bugs.
In the distance, the fields of Kibbutz Sde Boqer (Cowboy Fields.) This is where David Ben Gurion, Israel's first Prime Minister, spent his retirement in an attempt to set an example of Zionist pioneering for the next generation.

Yours truly, with my spiffy transition lenses.
Next, we had to slide our way back down.

We hiked down a long gorge, which became deeper and deeper.

From time to time we had to stop to let the stragglers catch up.

So some guys did a little dance.

And we continued our hike.
Until we stopped for more singing.

Some guys took naps.Others danced.

Evidence of recent rains was everywhere. A few pools of standing water still remained in the gorge.

More evidence of the flash floods which gouged out the canyon. This bush was blown over by the force of the water.
The canyon gets narrower. We have to travel single-file from here on.
Until we make it out.
Yours truly, yodeling.

At the end, we came to a massive alluvial fan (a pile of crumbled rock and dirt eroded from the mountainside.)


Batya said...

gorgeous pics
can't ignore the orange ribbons

Ephraim said...

Yeah, the yeshivah has no official political position, but it's pretty clear where our sympathies are. Then again, if you want to talk about living by the Torah, and settling the land, it's kinda hard to find a political party to vote for these days anyway.