Thursday, January 17, 2008

Negev Tour 7: Canyon Ada

And now for the penultimate post of Machon Meir's Chanukkah tiyul (hike) through the Negev.

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Okay, stop for a little breather, and drink lots of water.
Eventually we began descending down Canyon Ada, which was so narrow that we could only fit one at a time. With hundreds of Yeshivah students, it took hours to pass through. So what do the guys do when they get bored?
They whipped out their instruments.
And guitars.
Yoav looks a little too happy.
Canyon Ada.
Finally I found out why it was taking so long to get everyone through the bottleneck.
Each hiker had to lower himself down by a rope ladder. This was my first hint that I needed to start thinking about going back on Weight Watchers.

For tomorrow's post, we go deep into the guts of Canyon Ada.

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