Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Negev Tour 6: Hiking the Ridgeline

Continued from:

Negev Tour 1: Off to Tel Lachish
Negev Tour 2: From Lachish to Zin
Negev Tour 3: The Wilderness of Zin
Negev Tour 4: Mitzpeh Ramon
Negev Tour 5: Beginning Day 2

Out of the bus, I start snapping pictures.

Strange ridges and mounds in the valley floor, evidence of past flash floods.

The string of hikers. We begin our ascent.
Looking back at the canyon walls.
Yours truly, with my MP3 player at the ready. Nothing like hiking to Enya.
And now, off to our next stop.

There were spectacular canyons carved by the seasonal flash floods.
And kilometer after kilometer of trail.

Before the hike they handed out these nifty Machon Meir T-shirts.

"Machon Meir: Love all of creation and bring it closer to Torah."

Of course, there's always time for dancing.
And guitaring.
Or resting our heads on water bottles.
Daniel was feeling a bit ill.

And so we continued on our way.

More desert scenery.
And more hiking.

More negev scenery pics tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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