Monday, January 14, 2008

Negev Tour 5: Beginning Day 2

Allright, so it's time for the second day of our little Negev adventure with Machon Meir voyage to the Negev. Continued from:

Negev Tour 1: Off to Tel Lachish
Negev Tour 2: From Lachish to Zin
Negev Tour 3: The Wilderness of Zin
Negev Tour 4: Mitzpeh Ramon

Having woken up first, I wandered over to the Beit Midrash and found I was one of the only people there. It would be a while before Shacharit started, so I wandered over to the edge of the Machtesh Ramon, the Ramon Crater.
The sun was still well below the horizon.
The word Ramon is actually a name given by the Bedouin, for a road which once passed through this region, built by the Romans. Roman = Ramon.

Around sunrise I headed back to shul for Shacharit (morning prayers.)

A. still waking up.

Then we all went back to the crater.
Yours truly on the lip of the Ramon Crater.
Its a VEEEERY long drop.

After a royal breakfast, we were on our way for another hike.

Ephraim Fiert, reading Birkat HaMazon (Grace after the meal.)

On the bus ride, looking back at the cliffs from inside the crater.

Ephraim Petroff (there sure are a lot of Ephraims on this trip) sings the Lion King theme song. He's going into the army in a week, so he'd better get used to hiking.
Looking across the sweeping landscapes in the crater. This is one of the few spots in Israel where there's a lotta lotta lotta land.


Batya said...

For Israel, it's "a lot of land," but for the rest of the world, it's bubkes.

Ephraim said...

Depends on perspective, I suppose. And a lot of that open land is being gobbled up by the Bedouin.