Sunday, January 13, 2008

Two Weeks on the Band"W"agon

I've finished my second week of Weight Watchers, and the results are in:

I'm down to 226.4, from 235, for a total loss of 8.6 lbs. Not bad, not bad. That's about 0.6 lbs per day, average.

The most difficult part, aside from turning down the extra serving of potato kugel on Shabbat, is the run. I mean, I've always run, but now I'm doing it six days a week, rain or shine. Or cold. This afternoon I went running, with the air near freezing temperature, and ended up losing feeling in my extremities. Amd my mongue gop mery mery mumb. But I ran hard and fast because it was so cold.

Now that I'm in a new neighborhood, I've had to figure out a whole new jogging route. The most important factors in deciding a route:
1. Make sure it's paved.
2. As few intersections as possible.
3. Scenery is a plus. Takes your mind off the agonizing pain.

I found a route that takes me to the Tayellet, a walking path built in what used to be the no man's land, the neutral zone between Israel and the Jordanian-occupied section of Jerusalem prior to Israel's conquest of the entire city in 1967. The area, which had been a free fire zone, was utterly devoid of people or vegetation, so Israel set about building a garden and park. Today it separates between East and West Jerusalem, and provides some striking views.

Okay... huff... puff... we're starting in the Tayellet.
Huff... puff.... Oooh, ankles hurt a little bit. Here's a view of some of the gardens.
Okay, ankle's a bit stiff, time to slow down. And here we see a view of some of the garden structures. The hill in the background was in ancient times called the "Hill of Evil Council," where the United Nations is stationed today.
Okay, get moving again. Whew... up some stairs and slow down for a second. Up here, you can see clear to the Old City and the City of David.

Buses dump tourists here day and night. I've gotta wonder how many of these people's home videos I've ended up.

Then, we continue to the hill of Evil Council, where a new promenade has recently been built extending the current Tayellet.
There are some recently excavated ruins of an ancient canal system which brought rainwater from miles away into Jerusalem to serve the Beit Hamikdash, the Holy Temple.
Okay, we've got some downhill here, so it gives us a chance to build up our momentum.
And a good view of the New City...

... and the old.
Looping around, now we're really getting some steam built up. Here's the United Nations building, with all their little vans and trucks. Maybe some day we'll have a government with enough backbone to throw these parasites out of the country for good. Till then, we've got to put up with them.
And now comes the downhill part, until the end. Looking left, a shul (synagogue) and the hills of East Talpiot.
And now we're back in Baka, really getting a move on, all downhill until my apartment. Passing by some old mansions here which date back to the early 20th century.

And we're home. Total running time: about 1 hour.

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